Corporate Wellness Program


From improved mental health to sharper decision-making, a fitter workforce can make a big difference to your business.

Our experience is in keeping members motivated and feeling fit, let us help your employees do the same.

If you’re looking for a wellness program for your company, contact us, we will be happy to explore a host of value-added activities including, wellness programs, fitness talk, health check, fitness assessment, exercise and preview classes at your company’s premises or at our clubs.

We can even support your company’s events such sport day, staff retreat or team-building events.


Advantages of having Corporate Wellness Program

Heavily discounted rates, up to 15% cheaper than a regular individual membership.

The possibility of using the Social Fund

Flexible fee structure

We offer “Open membership” with unlimited access time

No joining fee, no registration fee and absolutely, hidden charges

We offer the most attractive and competitive prices on the fitness market

We offer an equal promotional price for their family members and friends

We offer individual corporate agreement for employees without the mediation of the employer.


Benefits of Corporate

The Base asset of your company is your manpower.

If your workforce are overly stressed, this may lead to slower production, increased absenteeism, short attention and even lack of creativity at work.


A fitness program on the other hand, reverses this and provide your employees with a positive boost of energy.

  • It promotes employee retention.
  • Decreases employee sick day
  • Decrease stress level
  • Increase productivity


Corporate Standard Agreement

The agreement is being signed between the employer and DD Fitness Co., Ltd.

Corporate contract is signed for a defined period of not less than 12 months.

New club members written down on list by the representative of the company once every month

The invoice is based on the list received from the representative of the company

The membership fee can be deducted from the salary of the employee; it’s up to the employer.

Payment are made from the company account directly to the account directly to the account of DD fitness within the due date stipulated on the agreement.

It is possible to cover all or part of the fee from the social fund.

Have a fit and happy Workforce